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Bunker Distillery

Gift Box - Mixed 3 x 200ml Agave, Gin & Vodka

Gift Box - Mixed 3 x 200ml Agave, Gin & Vodka

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Purchase three different Bunker spirits (200ml each) and save. A great gift for that special person.

1 x Traditional Dry Gin 200ml - 42%ABV - 6.5 Standards Drinks

1 x Blue Agave Spirit 200ml - 40%ABV - 6.3 Standards Drinks

1 x Vodka - Original 200ml - 38%ABV - 6.2 Standards Drinks


Traditional Dry Gin, influenced by the traditional London Dry Gin, our Australian Dry Gin includes botanicals such as juniper, coriander seed, angelica root and cardamon. This traditional Australian Dry Gin is perfect for soda, tonic or included in your favourite cocktail. 

Probably the first things that come to your mind when you hear ‘Agave’ is Tequila, Mexico and Margarita’s. With this in mind Bunker Distillery has sourced 100% Organic Blue Agave from traditional landowners in Mexico giving the spirit symbolization to its geographical origin, then taking that Blue Agave and distilling a flavoursome and iconic spirit here in Australian.

This is our original flavour. It's a perfect vodka on it's own or mixed into your favourite soda or cocktail. Triple distilled in a copper still to ensure a smooth and unique flavour, with nothing to artificially sweeten or preserve. Bunker Distillery vodka highlights the Northern NSW vibe and good spirit

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