Nestled among the rolling mountains of Northern New South Wales, only a short distance from the Byron Hinterland sits Bunker Distillery. Located at Spring Grove, the climate of the area was a strong element in the choice of locations for Bunker Distillery. The sustainable source of excellent mineral rich spring water from nearby Mount Warning and the abundant of Botanicals and Raw material grown close by made the area a perfect location. 

The Distillery took approximately two years to build. Phillip Bunker himself was involved in the construction process. The Distillery consists of a 1250 Litre Copper Pot Still was specially designed by Phillip, this still is dedicated to crafting quality whisky and rum. A 300 Litre multipurpose copper still is used in the production of Gin and Vodka. The full copper column utilised in this 300 Litre set up ensures a smooth and pure product is produced.

Bunker Distillery has formed long term partnerships with several local industries and local farms who together play a key role in the manufacture and production process at Bunker Distillery. Furthermore, Bunker Distillery is proud to be a zero-waste distillery with all left over material from production is given back to local farms where it is either composted and re used to fertilise crops or left-over suitable grain is fed to animals. If it cannot be sourced from local farmers, then Bunker Distillery grows some of the botanicals on site. The choice of botanicals was determined by weighing up the health benefits and their flavours to create a unique blend. Likewise, our Whisky is aged in oak casks to give maximum flavour.  

Once the product is perfected, it undergoes a process of intense quality control. Every bottle of alcohol produced by Bunker Distillery is carefully inspected.

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