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Bunker Distillery

Blue Agave Spirit

Blue Agave Spirit

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Daring to be different and create a spirit with a traditional feel, Bunker Distillery has produced Blue Agave Spirit at its finest right here in NSW Australia.

Probably the first things that come to your mind when you hear ‘Agave’ is Tequila, Mexico and Margarita’s. With this in mind Bunker Distillery has sourced 100% Organic Blue Agave from traditional landowners in Mexico giving the spirit symbolization to its geographical origin, then taking that Blue Agave and distilling a flavoursome and iconic spirit here in Australian.

Committed to the local area, Bunker Distillery has sourced mineral rich water from nearby Mount Warning which is used in the distillation process for Blue Agave Spirit. Further influenced by the Northern Rivers (North) New South Wales, Bunker Distillery Blue Agave Spirit has its own unique character with an earthy nose, and lingering sweet taste.

As a result, Bunker Distillery has created a unique Northern Rivers inspired Blue Agave Spirit like no other in the region.

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